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Brevísima revisión del quehacer activista, mediático y cultural LGBTQIA+ y cuir en RD y PR

This timeline was created as the digital companion to one of the chapters of the book that C. Rivera Velázquez is writing under the same title, Brevísima revisión del quehacer mediático y cultural LGBTQIA+ y cuir en Santo Domingo y San Juan for their book, “De un Pájaro, las Dos Patas: Queer Media and Performance in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico”. One of the objectives of the book is to guide the reader through a chronological parallel overview of the growth of human rights, feminism, body and sex positivity manifestations (and key detractors) over the first quarter of this century in the city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Why have these two timelines side-by-side? One of the goals behind creating these timelines is to aid comparative research around intermingled Dominican and Puertorrican pasts, presents and futures by tracing momentums in queer media and performance as well as LGBTQIA+ activism in both Caribbean contexts. While the emphasis is to observe the abundance of cultural events, discussions and media after the year 2000, the timelines also include sparse information of key news clippings and historical findings from events from the 17th and 20th century that gives us hints about how queer sexuality was shaped and experienced given the sociopolitical and cultural landscape before the turn of the 21st century.

The review of these key epiphanic moments can lead us to identify key generational shifts in the growing expression of irreverence and detachment from cisheteropatriarchal norms or those norms that center and benefit male-, heterosexual- and cisgender-centered systems of power. This timeline compiles, engages and contributes an easily updatable historical – always in construction platform — to help us understand what makes up the landscape feminist and cuir interventions in the region.

Linea de Tiempo Republica Dominicana

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This timeline is the result of an ethnographic process centered on key subjects: 2015 leaders of the LGBTT movement who were active around 2015 and other key public supporters of the cause from within feminist NGOs or government institutions who are working to create change for the community from where they stand. I complimented my decade-long experience researching and collaborating with the local LGBTT movement with: a robust literary review of the latest books, dissertations, articles and reports about LGBTT issues an ethnographic research methodology that included recorded in-depth interviews, focus groups and written correspondence with various grassroots leaders and organizations participant observations in two different LGBTQ coalitions meetings and related symposia and events that happened in Santo Domingo and Boca Chica in between the research period of August and December 2015

This document is thus far structured doing a literature review of several academic texts like the 2018 CENTRO Journal Special Volumes on Puerto Rican Sexualities, the text San Juan Gay and the website for the Puerto Rican Film Fest. A digitized version of a collective timeline with an initial focus group with sex positive media educators called El Colaboratorio del Placer in Rincón, Puerto Rico during June 2021. CENTRO JOURNAL SUMMER 2018 Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes. “Recent Developments in Queer Puerto Rican History, Politics, and Culture.” p. 520-540. Valence, A. (2018). El hijo de Ruby: Memorias de un futuro queer. CENTRO Journal, 30(2), 182–198. Negrón-Muntaner, F. (2018). “Can you imagine?”: Puerto Rican lesbian activisms, 1972–1991. CENTRO Journal, 30(2), 348–377. PUERTO RICAN QUEER FILM FEST San Juan Gay: Conquista de un espacio urbano de 1948 a 1991 PUNTOS DE PARTIDA Laureano, J. E. (2016). San Juan Gay: Conquista de un espacio urbano de 1948 a 1991 LA CIUDAD TRANS: DE FLORIPONDIA A PANTOJAS Laureano, J. E. (2016). San Juan Gay: Conquista de un espacio urbano de 1948 a 1991 LA CIUDAD POLÍTICA GAY Laureano, J. E. (2016). San Juan Gay: Conquista de un espacio urbano de 1948 a 1991. VIOLENCIA SERIAL: EL ASESINO EN SERIE ÁNGEL COLÓN MALDONADO Laureano, J. E. (2016). San Juan Gay: Conquista de un espacio urbano de 1948 a 1991.